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We love our Cat ShadowShapes and ShadowHearts, they make the perfect Cat... 

Ponies and Horses

We love our Ponies and Horses ShadowShapes and ShadowHearts, the perfect equestrian gifts... which... 


We love all our Dog breeds across our range of ShadowShapes and ShadowHearts,... 

A wee bit about us...

Welcome to ShadowShapes, a small family business with a passion for creating eco-friendly and unique home decor.

Our journey began in the midst of the 2020 lockdown, when we set out to create something that would bring joy and positivity during a difficult time.

We started with a simple concept - to design and create dog-themed ornaments made from recycled plastic. As our business grew, we expanded our range to include cats, horses, and more.

We're dedicated to creating designs that capture the unique personalities of each animal, and we're constantly working to expand our collection. With ShadowShapes, you can add a touch of personality to your home while also making an eco-conscious choice. 🐾

  • Doggies

    "We love dogs. Just about all of us do. Big dogs, small dogs, yappy dogs, fluffy dogs, all of them are loveable dogs - we call them pups and puppers, woofers and boofers, pupperinos and cutie-booties, and we adore our closest companions like no other" Quote by Joe Duncan.

  • Moggies

    "Meow" your cat’s way of having a conversation with you; telling you about their day, asking you what’s for dinner, when the next cuddle time is. It also means you always have a paw-some buddy to wake you up in the morning!

  • Ponies

    That passion-filled gallop from when you call them over or nuzzle might be for the carrots or apple in your pocket, but there’s no doubt - horses and ponies develop strong relationships with their favorite people.