We make shapes, you create shadows...
Simple, decorative pieces to reflect your pet, pastime or passion
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We create multiple poses or shapes of the same subject to add movement, energy and character
Especially when pets and animals are involved!
We use high quality material for a long life and to help look after our Planet
Crafted from recycled, eco-friendly ABS plastic.

Share your pet, pastime or passion in a new light!

🎄🐾 Wee update… any orders placed after Dec 6th will not be delivered in time for Christmas. We’re pulling back a little to make sure we can fulfil our existing orders, a great problem to have and very happy to be busy but wan’t to make sure nobody is disappointed… our wee team, me, Bruce, Mandy, James and Lisa have our Santa’s Elves hats on and are working away diligently to get these doggies and moggys out to you, thanks to everyone for the support! xoxo🐾🎄

ShadowShapes reflect your pets, pastimes, or passions in a simple but highly effective decorative display. Designed for easy assembly and re-assembly, the display system is a high impact, personal feature for the home or workplace. The unique base-rail design means ShadowShapes can be displayed in understated settings to provide high visual impact and a dynamic effect… such as on top of a computer monitor or TV screen, on top of a door frame or mirror, and to great effect on the structure of a window. We launch with displays for dog and cat lovers to offer something new to the world of pet lover gifts.